Football has changed forever.

Welcome to VueUp™, the most powerful football helmet technology ever.

Vue-Up™ is the result of an uncompromising vision to perfect practice and its the most deliberate evolution of our original product. With football’s first heads-up display (HUD) we’ve combined our passion for visual display technologies with artificial intelligence. Using a high-definition display, play designs are easily seen, while Vue-Up’s motion-sensor camera, captures each play from the player’s point of view. With GoRout Voice™, players can use verbal commands to change positions, practice groups, or learn more about an individual play as Vue-Up™ listens, learns, and responds back.

Vue-Up™ is compatible with the following helmet models.

Dynamic. powerful. defiant.


The brightest HD display ever placed in a helmet


Video camera with instant live streaming capabilities


100% voice controlled using GoRout Voice™


Mount is easily installed in a variety of helmet types

UV Protected




GoRout Voice™

Ask more from your helmet.

GoRout Voice™ is football’s first in-helmet artificially intelligent teammate. With GoRout Voice™ players can now control their Vue-Up™ in-helmet technology through the use of voice commands. No matter what you’re doing at practice, GoRout Voice™ is always listening and ready to help you when you need it. Want to change positions? Need to switch practice groups? It all can be done by saying…

“Hey GoRout”

Could you ask any more from a helmet?

Yes, you can.

Feel free to play with GoRout Voice™ by clicking on the microphone and saying any of the following:  “Hey GoRout,” or “Tell me more about yourself,” or by just making casual conversation like “How are you doing today?” Note: this demo requires permission to use your microphone and may not work in all browsers.

Coast to coast NETWORKING.

GoRout Air™ is the most advanced networking system we’ve ever built. Powered by a national infrastructure, GoRout Air™ uses a spectrum frequency system that allows GoRout’s software and hardware to communicate via radio airwaves coast-to-coast across the United States, providing teams with the purest, cleanest, and most efficient way to transfer and send real-time play data on the field without disruption.

No Syncing. No Routers. No Setup.

Practice faster. Prepare better. Win More.

It’s time to #PerfectYourGame!


~ Vince Lombardi