Returns & Refund Policy

Repetix, LLC (d/b/a GoRout) ofers each team a thirty-day (30) return & refund period if they are not fully satisfied with their purchase. The thirty-day (30) Return & Refund window begins on the day Repetix, LLC (d/b/a GoRout) retains a shipping tracking number and has shipped the package.


If your team wants to return the package, you must:

1) notify the GoRout Head Ofice by email at OR by phone at (866)777-1448 ext. 1 within the thirty-day (30) return & refund period;

2) send the GoRout Head Ofice the shipping tracking number and carrier for the products to be returned within the same thirty-day (30) return & refund period.

Each hardware unit, charger, USB cord, and wristband shipped to the team, MUST be returned in the exact same condition they were received in with the original packaging, otherwise the return & refund policy is void and no refund will be issued.

Each team is responsible for the return shipping costs. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED AFTER THE 30 DAY RETURN & REFUND PERIOD.


Refunds will be issued within thirty-days (30) AFTER the hardware has been returned, received, and inspected by Repetix, LLC (d/b/a GoRout) to ensure the condition and functionality of each hardware unit is in the same condition as it was sent to the team.

If a hardware unit, charger, USB cord, and/or wristband is not returned in the same condition as it was sent to the team, GoRout will deduct the full retail cost for each hardware unit, charger, USB Cord, and wristband from the refund being issued.

Additionally, GoRout will also deduct the cost of the GoRout Air network usage consumed by each team during the thirty-day (30) timeframe. GoRout will round up to the nearest Node and will deduct the full retail cost of each Node consumed on the GoRout Air network from the refund.

All refunds will be issued via check.

If you have any further questions, please contact

Updated: November, 2016