GoRout PressΒ #PerfectYourGame


In 2014, we created the first playmaking technology that combines intelligent software and on-field wearable products to enhance practice for high school, college, and professional football teams. Frustrated with how slow practices have become in the age of wearable technology we decided to find a proper solution. By combining sports and technology, GoRout was created.

We are now able to give coaches and players the time necessary to perfect their game. Driven to succeed, we found 40 teams nationwide within our first (alpha) year of production eager to join the practice revolution. After minor adjustments to the software and hardware, we moved into our second (beta) year, acquiring 65 teams and becoming an international company.

With each passing day, new ideas are being curated and constructed inside the walls of our office in downtown Rochester, MN. Keep an eye out for more excitement to come…


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